August 28, 2019

Looking to become a Pool Lifeguard? 🏊

Becoming a Pool Lifeguard is a great way to start your journey in the aquatics & recreation industry. If you like being active, working in a team and you’re a people person, then being a pool lifeguard could be for you.

Your school report probably says “works well with others, contributes to the group, often chats in class (very sociable) and is full of energy and has lots of fun”

Sounds like you? Well, let’s get you qualified then!

The first step is to become a qualified pool lifeguard. You will need to have a current First Aid Certificate HLTAID003 (3 years) and CPR certificate (12 months). As you have attention to detail, you have checked these certificates that you hold and read the date obtained.

Our upcoming training here at Gurri Wanyarra Wellbeing Centre is being delivered by Roger Abel training. Roger has over 20 years’ experience in Training & Assessing and has a lifetime experience in the aquatics & recreation industry. He is one of the best!

Right ready to apply.

If you do not have a current First Aid HLTAID003 or CPR, then it’s over to you to find a course and enrol before you enrol in your Pool Lifeguard course. Remember you are self-driven, so you will hit google and find a way.

Ready to apply?

All you need to do is find a course near you. It’s pretty competitive (remember you are driven to achieve your goals) so book in TODAY. You’re the type of person who takes action, so click on the course link below ⬇️⬇️