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Help your child become comfortable and confident in and around the water by enrolling into our introductory, Infants and Preschool GOswim program! Our swimming lessons are designed for babies 6 months to 3 years, catering for infant, toddler and preschool participants attending with their parents/guardians or appropriate adult carers.


GOswim swimming lessons for children focus on contemporary, experiential, activity based learning as a fun and engaging way for kids to learn to swim and be safe around water. Our Pre-School and Primary School levels have fun relatable characters to help students engage and recognise their progress through the program.


It is never too late to learn to swim. The GOswim adults swimming lessons offer water safety and stroke development tailored to each student's needs. The 3 levels of progression, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced are designed for adults and teens aged 16+ to help build important skills and confidence in, on and around water.

Welcome to GOswim, a learn to swim program designed to engage students with a fun, activity-based style of learning.

Swimming Australia is proud to have launched an extensive swimming program that encourages students of all ages and abilities to learn swimming and water safety skills through experiential and activity-based learning. GOswim swimming and water safety lessons empower students to think, discuss and make informed decisions whilst having fun in and around water.

Our Program:

The GOswim program makes swimming and water safety a fun experience and helps you learn both in and out of the pool.

Catering To All Skill Levels
The graded levels in GOswim ensure that everyone can take part no matter what their skill level or experience is.  

Suitable For All Ages

GOswim lessons are designed to cater for all ages from as young as 6 months up to teenagers and adults. 

Access & Inclusion
GOswim lessons are easily modified and adapted to suit any specific needs, whether you need one on one lessons or extra time – your specific needs can be met.  

Easy Ongoing Memberships
No need to enrol each term, enrol once and secure your lesson day and time for the term, season or year. 

Highly Qualified Teachers

All of our teachers have been trained by leading industry bodies. We ensure they have the communication skills and motivation to get you swimming.  

Our Swimming Curriculum:

The curriculum covers five areas of learning. These areas are combined and presented as activities to enhance the students' learning and development. Key learning areas include: 

1)  Safe entries and exits
2)  Balance, movement and recovery
3)  Breath control, submersion and readiness
4)  Water safety 
5)  Swimming stroke development

Our Memberships

GOswim memberships make learning to swim easy both in and out of the pool. Whether you decide to join us for one or more lessons per week, we are here to support you and the development of your swimming and water safety.

Weekly Lessons
Enjoy weekly swimming lessons all year round.

Easy and Affordable Payments
With weekly or fortnightly payments, swimming lessons are more affordable and can be easily managed with our direct debit system.

Ongoing Enrolment
Preventing the need to re-enrol each term and offering you a preferred lesson time.

Integrated App
Communicate and stay in touch with your Swim Teacher and monitor your progression, learning activities and outcomes via our Membership App (at selected locations).

Summer Family Swimming
Enjoy family swim access for four weeks over the summer period (at selected locations). 

How To Join Online with Active World

1)  Remember to use the code GURRISCHOOLS in the 'promotion code section' when enrolling to ensure you get your first two lessons free + no joining fee.

2)  DOWNLOAD THE ACTIVE WORLD APP and enter GURRI as your site code, or visit the ACTIVE WORLD WEBSITE and select Gurri Wanyarra Wellbeing Centre as your venue.

3)  Once you have setup a Customer Profile for yourself as a parent/guardian, you can setup a Member Profile for your child/children

4)  Select Book Weekly Session, completed the Questionairre regarding your child's swimming ability, and select a day/time/class of preference.

5)  If you were part of our schools program, and the level your child was assess as is not the level the the questionairre is showing, please still complete the enrolment and then either message our team via the app, email us (, or give us a call on 03 5440 5300 and we will switch them into the correct level.

6)  Turn up for your first class, pick up your access wristband, and get ready to start your GOswim journey!


Control Your Journey with the App

Our GOswim locations have access to the Active World Membership App. The GOswim program is fully integrated with our Membership App to enhance parent/student communication with our Swim School teams, with:

1. Enhanced communication between parent/student and your Swim Teacher. Chat and message directly with your Swim School.

2. Being able to identify and track student's progress through our clearly defined pathway.

3. Digital milestone encouragement awards are given as students progress through each stage of the program.

4. Parents/Students gain access to online information. enhancing their knowledge and understanding of the curriculum, learning activities, learning outcomes and other assessment criteria.

5. Gain awareness of students' application of knowledge, skill and understanding of swimming and water safety within each progression level.  


Watch our short video on how to Enrol!

Download the app to login or enrol - use the code GURRI

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