Lap Lane Availability

Lap Lane Availability

The public lap lane availability guide for the Main Pool and the Warm Water Program Pool will be issued weekly. Please refer to this page for the most current guide.

and is subject to change without notice.  Please note the lap lane availability is displayed with 30 minute intervals. Any late changes will be communicated on our Facebook page here

Lap Lane Availability - Mon 14th Oct - Sun 20th Oct

Lap Lane Availability - Mon 22nd Oct - Sun 27th Oct

Lap Lane Availability - Mon 28th Oct - Sun 3rd Nov

Lap Lane Availability - Mon 4th Nov - Sun 10th Nov


Lap Lane Etiquette

To ensure all lap swimmers have a pleasant experience, please follow the etiquette detailed below:

  1. Pick the most suitable lane to swim in: 

50m lanes

  • Slow 9o seconds + per lap
  • Medium – 60 to 90 seconds per lap
  • Fast – less than 60 seconds per lap

25m lanes

  • Slow – 45 seconds + per lap
  • Medium – 30 to 45 seconds per lap
  • Fast – less than 30 seconds per lap
  1. Swim to the left of the lane/black line at all times.
  2. When at the end of the lane, ensure you keep to the side to allow other swimmers room to turn – do not block the wall.
  3. If overtaking mid lap, 2 gentle taps on the foot of the swimmer ahead is an indication you are going to overtake. If you are about to be overtaken, move to the side at the end of the lane and let the swimmer pass before continuing your lap.
  4. Only overtake mid lap if safe to do so (no swimmers coming in opposite direction).
  5. Swimmers with flippers should only swim in the medium or fast lanes.
  6. Do not stop swimming mid lap (unless physically required to do so).
  7. Physical intimidation of other swimmers (deliberate grabbing or pushing) will not be tolerated.
  8. If you would not like it to happen in your lane when lap swimming, then don't do it!