Learn To Swim Program

Swimming Lessons in Bendigo, VIC

Swimming Lessons for Children

Gurri Wanyarra Wellbeing Centre has partnered with Swimming Australia to bring you a new and effective swimming and water safety program, focused on experiential and activity-based learning. GOswim swimming lessons empower students to think, discuss and decide whilst having fun in and around water.

The curriculum covers seven areas of learning that are combined and presented as activities to enhance student development. Key learning areas include:

  • Entries and exits
  • Floating and sculling
  • Movement, propulsion and stroke development
  • Personal survival
  • Underwater skills
  • Rescue and emergency
  • Water safety knowledge

Students Gain Access To

Weekly Lessons

Enjoy weekly swimming lessons throughout the year for 48 weeks. 

Easy and Affordable Payments

With weekly payments, swimming lessons are more affordable and can be easily managed with our direct debit system. 

Ongoing Enrolment 

Preventing the need to re-enrol each term and offering you a preferred lesson time.

Splash App 

Communicate and stay in touch with your child’s progression, learning activities and outcomes via the Junior Splash App. 

Four Weeks FREE 

Enjoy free family swim access for four weeks over summer period. 

Plus, One Week Holiday Swim Program 

One week Holiday Swim Program for either Fast Track or the Water Safety program.


GOswim Academy

Developed in partnership with industry experts, GOswim Academy forms a part of the GOSWIM program. Helping kids across Australia develop their swimming skills at a pace that’s right for them. Here at Gurri Wanyarra Wellbeing Centre we want to increase participation in swimming in a fun and engaging way!
Research has revealed that thousands of kids stop swimming because it stops being fun. Industry experts and the GOswim Academy program have developed a mixture of offerings to encourage continued participation in aquatic activity through competitive and recreational lap swimming.
This is an exciting program where kids across Australia can have fun with their friends and improve their swimming in a safe, social and non-competitive environment.

The Curriculum

The curriculum for this program builds on the core and foundation elements learnt in swimming and water safety education. Each skill is broken down into segmented and achievable components that streamline and refine technique and enhance the development of efficiency and endurance.

GOswim Academy Level One

Stage one is designed to continue the learning of new aquatic skills whilst refining those previously learnt swimming skills. Utilising them in a variety of simulated scenarios and aquatic disciplines.

GOswim Academy Level Two

Stage two is designed to equip the student with all the skills required to become the swimmer they want to be. Skills included in the stage cover all aquatic disciplines, water safety and recreational swimming.

Aimed at kids who have already learnt the basics of swimming, GOswim Academy is designed for students aged between the ages of 8 and 14 years old. It’s perfect for kids ready for junior squads, or for those who are interested in getting ready for the competitive swimming club environment.

For further information please get in contact or speak to our friendly team at reception. 

Weekly Planner

2020 Weekly Schedule 13 January to 5 April 2020

Swimming Lessons for Adults

Gurri Wanyarra Wellbeing Centre's GOswim program for adults provides water safety and stroke development lessons tailored to meet your swimming capabilites. You will develop skills to ensure complete comfort and confidence when participating in aquatic activities inside and beyond our aquatic facilites. 

Swimming lessons for adults will enhance the opportunity for you to gain meaningful and enjoyable learning outcomes. Lessons will improve your level of aquatic knowledge, skill and comprehension for safer participation in, on and around water.

The Curriculum 

The GOswim adult program is designed for adults and teens 16 years and over. They are held at Gurri Wanyarra Wellbeing Centre in our Learn to Swim swimming pool with one teacher per six students for a greater tailored experience.

Each swimming lesson will run for 30 minutes and are delivered by a professional and fully accredited learn to swim teacher, within a safe and encouraging environment. You're sure to feel comfortable and confident in our family friendly, social environment.

GOswim Membership Benefits

$15.60 per Week Swim Program Membership*

The COOL stuff:

  • Weekly lessons - Enjoy weekly swimming lessons throughout the year for 48 weeks
  • Easy and affordable - With weekly payment, swimming lessons are more affordable and can be easily managed with our direct debit system
  • Ongoing enrolment - Preventing the need to re-enrol each term and offering your preferred lesson time
  • Year-round unrestricted access - Students have unrestricted access to aquatic areas
  • Splash App - Communicate and stay in touch with your child’s progression, learning activities and outcomes
  • 4-weeks FREE family swim access over summer

PLUS, 1-week holiday swim program – your choice of either Fast Track or Water Safety program.

The SERIOUS stuff*:

  • Valid for direct debit memberships only
  • 1-week holiday swim program consists of 5 x 30-minute lessons (over 5 consecutive days) at participating sites
  • 1 week’s holiday swim program per new swim program member enrolment. Holiday swim program must be booked in advance and redeemed in the 2019/2020 summer season
  • Admin fee may apply
  • See in-centre for full terms and conditions.

Like to know more about GOswim?  

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Splash App

Splash App

The program is fully integrated into Swimming Australia’s Splash app to enhance parent communication.  You can download the Splash app for android mobiles at Google Play store and for iPhone in the Apple app store.

Features of the app include:

  • Parents identifying and tracking students' progress through our clearly defined pathway
  • Availability of digital encouragement awards as students' progress through each stage and element of the program
  • Parents access online information enhancing their knowledge and understanding of the curriculum, learning activities, learning outcomes and competency assessment criteria in student application of knowledge, skill and understanding.

Splish Splash Aqua Playgroup

Splish Splash Aqua Playgroup is a gentle introduction to the water for babies under 6 months of age. 

It is conducted in the Warm Water Program Pool with parents paying a casual swim entry fee or free for Gurri Wanyarra Wellbeing Centre members. This program is a great lead into our Learn to Swim Program.

Sessions are held Wednesday 11am -11:30am.

*No bookings required, though sessions are capped at 15 babies with one parent in the water.  Tickets for the class are available up to 1 hour before the scheduled start time.

For further information regarding swimming lessons at the Gurri Wanyarra Wellbeing Centre, please complete an enquiry form on our Swimming Lessons Enrolments page. One of our staff members will contact you to assist.